Specifications on Our Rugs

altAll our hand made tufted rugs are made in only FINE PREMIUM WOOL. We believe that these are the very strong points about Alliyah Rugs in the current market place.

  • 1. All our rugs are made in FINE BLENDED WOOL, WASHED.
  • 2. All our traditional rugs are made in FINE BLENDED WOOL with LIGHT ANTIQUE WASH
  • 3. All our rugs are made in 60 count wool.
  • 4. Average thickness of our rugs are 0.8inches which by far the best quality in HAND TUFTED rugs.
  • 5. Our 5x8 Rug weights 41.50 pounds which is on an average is 5 pounds heavier and denser from other wholesalers in AREA RUG MARKET.
  • 6. On Alliyah Rugs, tufts per square inch is about 70-75
  • 7. Weaving weight is about 2.5kg per square yard.

About us

Alliyah Rugs is one of the industry's fastest growing factory direct hand-made rug suppliers. AR specializes in hand tufted qualities. AR's factory direct division was founded in 2005, under the name of Horizon Rugs.